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Kalibrate E-commerce Website Management Features

Within Kalibrate’s framework, we have also developed a comprehensive set of e-commerce features with all the tools needed to successfully manage an online store and processing online transactions. The same effort and philosophy went into the engineering of Kalibrate’s e-commerce suite to provide the same flexibility and scalability as our website management tools.

With e-commerce tools already built within Kalibrate there is no need to integrate with a third party shopping cart or use a template “out of the box” solution to allow your customers to buy your products. Kalibrate is a one stop shop for your e-commerce needs.
Below is a breakdown of the basic e-commerce features that we implement and configure for all of our e-commerce web projects. Our solutions give you a solid foundation to start and grow your online business. So if you are selling 10 products or 3000 – our solutions are built and adapt to you.
Web-Based Catalog Management
Kalibrate offers precise control over your products presentation, allowing you to organize your products using a multi-level catalog depending on your needs and catalog structure.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Integrated Shopping Cart & Checkout Process
Kalibrate allows users to store items as they shop. At any point during their shopping experience, they can view and edit their cart – whether it’s adding or adjusting quantities or deleting items entirely. The shopping cart is seamlessly tied into the checkout process, making it easy for customers to go from browsing to buying.
Manage Multiple Product Images
Kalibrate provides tools to manage multiple images for each product in your catalog. This allows us to integrate a product gallery that your customers can click through to view main the product image, plus detailed shots to help close the deal.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Auto-Generated Order Emails & Alerts
Once a transaction is approved, Kalibrate automatically generates an order email that is sent directly to your customer with an itemized receipt for their records. We can configure the system to also send alert emails to your team when a transaction is completed so you can stay on top of your orders.
Cart Summary
As customers are shopping through your catalog and adding products to their shopping cart we can provide a cart summary at the top of each page so your users can always see the number of items in their cart and the total. From there they can easily link over to their shopping cart and begin the checkout process.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
SSL Capabilities
Each transaction within our solutions is secure and this is a requirement for pages collecting sensitive information like Credit Card details. All sensitive information that your customers provide is encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection.
Product Shipping Properties
Kalibrate allows you to manage the shipping properties for each individual product in your catalog to help auto-generate shipping costs.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Automatic Inventory Control
This is a great feature to help maintain your inventory on your website plus there are administrative tools to increase or decrease your inventory for each product. We can write logic to adjust the public site for your customers so they do not purchase products you just sold out of. For example, we can write logic to show a product is SOLD OUT when the inventory level gets to 0 or we can un-publish the product so your customers cannot navigate to it in your catalog.
Sales Tax Configuration
Anything with the word “Tax” in it can always be complicated, but with Kalibrate we make it easy with our sales tax configuration that can be tailored to meet your needs and state requirements.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
SEO Friendly Framework
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming a key component to any successful website, but to execute a successful SEO strategy you need a solution that can support it. Kalibrate has been engineered with this in mind and offering key features such as SEO Friendly URLs, 301 redirects, auto-generated Sitemap.XML file, allowing search engines to index every page with your site {if you allow it}, and tools to control Meta Data for each page. Plus, we have worked with our clients and the SEO Marketing Teams to come up with ways to better get their site noticed.
Guest Checkout
Our solution, Kalibrate, offers a guest check feature for those users that don’t want create an account and just want to enter mimimal information to order your products. They only enter their email address, the shipping information, and credit card details to process their order.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
No Template or Cookie Cutter Designs
Kalibrate has been engineered to work with the creative process, not against it. As a company, we understand that your brand is one of the most important aspects of your online store and you should not have to sacrifice its integrity to get functionality. No cookie cutter design templates to choose from and no restraints on the creative team.
Pre-Configured for Shipping Vendors
Kalibrate already integrates with UPS and United States Postal Service to auto-generate shipping costs and provide multiple shipping options for your customers.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Batch Updates for Product Details & Images
Through our experience and client feedback, we have extended the workflow of Kalibrate to help streamline the process for updating products. Using an excel sheet, based on the fields defined for your catalog, you can easily update your entire catalog by just uploading a file. This process alone will eliminate numerous labors hours of accessing each product to make updates and will get your products on the market quicker.
Configure Threshold for Free Shipping
Through configuration we can set thresholds to give your customers free shipping for orders over a specific dollar amount this gives you another selling technique to encourage customers to buy more.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Pre-Configured for Credit Card Gateways
Kalibrate has already been setup to work with two of the largest Credit Cart Gateways for processing transactions in real-time.
Order Management Workflow
Kalibrate’s Order Manager can be used by site administrators to process and fulfill orders. After a purchase and payment is verified, Kalibrate automatically adds the order to a queue to help keep track of all incoming orders. When a new order is received, an administrator can view the order details, retrieve pertinent information, and fulfill the order.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Store Customer Information
Our e-commerce suite comes complete with basic CRM tools to collect and store your customer information. This allows them to return and reuse existing information. Management screens for searching the accounts in the admin section feature drill down and keyword search. Kalibrate also allows administrators to download excel reports for mailing list and email list from the database.
Digital Function is proud to be an American web development company located in Houston, Texas. Kalibrate, our web content management software solution, is 100% American made. We do not outsource any of our web development or support overseas.
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